Recovery with Sober Lyfe Treatment

The Most Unique Experience in Treatment

Sober Lyfe Treatment

At Sober Lyfe, we believe the experience you have in treatment is just as important as the wisdom gained along the way. Unfortunately the relapse rate is still high, not because other treatment centers aren't qualified, but because most clients never get to experience the true beauty of living a Sober Lyfe.
Sober Lyfe Treatment

While clinically addressing the root causes of addiction, we also take the time to make sure our clients experience peace, joy and fulfillment in their newfound freedom of recovery. Our team believes that recovery is not only about healing from trauma and removing substances from an individual’s life, but also helping them explore new ways to love and enjoy life as they discover their true, authentic self.

Sober Lyfe understands that recovery is never limited to the confines of a treatment facility. It is important for our clients to have the opportunity to experience the attraction of living a Sober Lyfe and practice their recovery skills in various settings beyond our walls.

Sober Lyfe is on a mission to save lives and repair broken families. Our team is dedicated to effectively addressing the root causes of addiction through years of recovery experience. We prioritize healing while equipping each individual to overcome the challenges of long-term sobriety. At Sober Lyfe Treatment we work with you to create an individual treatment plan that will incorporate all aspects of your life including relationships, work and after program care. A long-term Sober Lyfe does not stop at our doors. We work with you throughout the full recovery cycle to ensure the best chances for complete success.

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Creating a Sober Lyfe

Your sober life is possible.  Our team of professionals is here to support you every step of the way, through this journey. We work to help guide you through the process. With our years of experience and knowledge, along side our Sober Lyfe Treatment homes, Sober Lyfe non-profit meetings and socialization as well as support systems for family and friends, we aim to make the process as smooth and attainable as possible.

What is Sober Lyfe?

This burden was born out of real life experience. Sober Lyfe is on a mission to save lives and repair broken families. Our team is dedicated to helping the suffering heal and discover their true identity. Through years of recovery experience, we cultivate determination and honesty while equipping each client to overcome the inevitable challenges of long-term sobriety. At Sober Lyfe Treatment We understand that addiction effects every individual differently and therefore we prioritize tailoring each treatment plan to fit the specific needs of our client. Of course, a long-term Sober Lyfe does not stop at our doors. We help plan for life after treatment and encourage each client to stay well connected, get involved and to give back in any ways they can.

Day/Night Treatment Options

What is Day/Night treatment?

Often referred to as PHP, our day / night treatment program operates around the clock, 7 days a week. When clients are not participating in groups, outings or clinical sessions, they are provided exceptionally comfortable community housing with individual private rooms. Our team has years of real life recovery experience and has dedicated their lives to creating an environment where recovery is not only possible, but promised to all those who take action and remain consistent.

What is Sober living?

Sober Lyfe also has a non profit branch that provides aftercare housing for clients who qualify. Almost ten years later, we are extremely well connected in the recovery community. We always have and will continue to use our vast resources to help facilitate a smooth transition from treatment centers to the next step. Accountability and community are extremely important in early recovery so our discharge planning is just as important as our intake process.

Our Recovery Homes

Our homes are specifically designed to give you the space and environment to help you heal and succeed in your long-term recovery.