Sober Lyfe Treatment

Our Treatment Center

At Sober Lyfe, we understand both the clinical and practical elements of recovery. We are here to support, encourage and inspire our clients to dig deep find their identity, so they can discover their true purpose.

Our Mission

Sober Lyfe is on a mission to save lives and repair broken families. Our team is dedicated to effectively addressing the root causes of addiction through years of recovery experience. We prioritize healing while equipping each individual to overcome the challenges of long-term sobriety.

Sober Lyfe Mission
Sober Lyfe Vision

Our Vision

To be the most effective facility in treating addiction. Raise the national standards for treatment centers by providing a more customized experience and paving the pathway for long-term success.

The Sober Lyfe Team

Clinical director - LCSW, MCAP, QS

Ian Rivera

Clinical Director - LCSW, MCAP, QS

Kevin Wernham

Dr. Chris Kirby

Christopher B. Kirby, MD

James Chauncy Founder / President of Sober Lyfe, inc.

James Chauncey

Founder/President of Sober Lyfe, Inc.